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Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Ice Cream!

Meet a master gelatiere (ice-cream maker) and taste the Gelato that was the winner of the “Best Italian Gourmet Ice Cream” award 2019

Sample old favourites and new gourmet ice creams and sorbets, and even invent your own flavour, under the expert guidance of a master in the art of Italian gelato.

Whip up your own special gourmet ice-cream adventure with us! Create your favourite flavour, traditional or gourmet, in a few simple steps under the guidance of a master ice-cream maker, for tantalisingly delicious results that will thrill (and chill) the palate!

Artisan ice cream - or gelato, the thick and intensely flavoured Italian speciality - is one of Parma’s most decadent delicacies. In fact, it was an artisan ice-cream maker in this city who won the 2019 award for best Italian gourmet ice cream! The winning secret is transforming the finest local ingredients into an exquisite product faithful to the raw materials and bursting with delicious, mouth-watering flavour.  Traditional varieties with a modern twist: meet the master ice-cream makers who have been honing their techniques and recipes for years to make the healthiest new ice creams yet.

Sample old favourites and new gourmet ice creams and even make your own. Discover  how the master ice-cream makers bring out exquisite taste using the best  authentic quality local raw materials of regional producers in the Food Valley.  Taste creamy scoops of tantalising flavour atop of crispy, warm-coloured cones. Ice cream is art!

More special activity:

Ice-cream masterclass offering a general introduction to the product and demonstrating how to use ice cream in catering and on menus. During the lesson, the gelatieri will demo gourmet ice-cream recipes and desserts. The masterclass can be customised according to guests’ interests.

key points

  • Duration of experience

    From 30 minutes to a whole day.

  • When

    All year round.

  • Suggested customised themed gift

    Equipment for making artisan gelato.

  • No. of participants

    A minimum of one. For an authentic and personal experience, we suggest a maximum of 12-16 people. For larger parties, we recommend more suitable alternative activities.

  • Price

    On request.

  • Local expert/guide

    You will be accompanied by a guide (speaking English or other languages) and/or a food and wine expert and will meet all local producers in person.

  • Overnight accommodation

    We will find your perfect overnight stay, be it a certified organic holiday farm or sustainable villa, stately home, charming hotel.

  • Private transfers

    We offer a luxury electric cars (Tesla), chauffeur-driven car or minibus service, e-bikes and bicycles are available for some experiences on request.

Mix and match this delicious experience with any of our other gourmet activities and create your own unique tour.

Are you a curious traveller, a gourmet expert or a food industry professional?

Tell us your specific interests and requirements, the amount of time you have, the time of year and the number of participants: our tours are customised to suit you.


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