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Food Professionals

We cook up more than exquisite culinary experiences for food travellers. When it comes to the Food Valley’ exceptional produce, we cater to the needs of food professionals as well. We are constantly seeking out the finest food and wine this fruitful region has to offer: fresh, strictly local specialties of the highest quality – some handcrafted using traditional artisanal methods, others manufactured in the Valley’s world-renowned food-processing sector.

Over many years in the profession, we have built up contacts with an exclusive network of experts, producers, Michelin-starred chefs and ALMA, the distinguished International School of Italian Cuisine. This means we can draw on a broad range of expertise throughout Parma and the Food Valley, and a wide array of regional produce when designing our activities for professionals: from learning all about raw materials, product supply chains and perfect serving methods, to participating in workshops and professional meetings with producers and export managers. Passionate as ever about our region, we also organise exclusive team-building activities for professionals seeking to learn more about our food-and-wine heritage: Taste and Play, Cooking, Pasta Building and more!

But our experiences don’t stop in Emilia-Romagna! We can provide our services in every corner of Italy, showcasing other flavoursome and unique gourmet specialties, such as caviar in Calvisano, Chianina beef in Tuscany, the sublime rice of Vercelli, espresso coffee in Trieste and even world-renowned Barolo wine in Piedmont.

A journey through Italy and a unique opportunity to forge important culinary partnerships.

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