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The fragrant world of Culatello di Zibello PDO

Visit the ancient Culatello di Zibello curing cellars and taste the “King of Deli Meats”.

Meet the producer families who have inherited over 150 years of expertise and tradition, and taste this inimitable product in a timeless setting. Learn about the unique flavours and fragrances of the freshly opened, sliced product, or try tying one yourself in a special lesson.

Feed your love of fine food with a personalised experience dedicated to Culatello. Your inner gourmet will thank you!

The Bassa Parmense on the banks of the River Po is the only production region in the very centre of the Food Valley  of a highly-prized deli meat with an intense and captivating flavour: Culatello di Zibello PDO. Long, cold, foggy winters and hot summers create the ideal microclimate for producing the “King of Deli Meats”, hand-processed by masters in the art of Italian deli meat production. Culatello di Zibello is deeply rooted in the rural heritage of this land and the people who lived off it: a tradition kept alive on the farms here.

We like to remember what Giuseppe Verdi wrote in his letters to friends: “My best travelling companions are salami, Culatello, cooked pork shoulder, ham and wine.”  Verdi's Culatello must have been perfect: plump and round, made from large, well-nourished pigs, fattened to just the right degree, butchered in winter when the days were short and cold and, most importantly, old enough to have felt the heat of one summer and the fogs of two autumns.  Traditionally, families would treasure their Culatello.

You can visit a Culatello producer, the historical cellars and the Culatello Museum. You can enjoy a Culatello tasting and learn its secrets.

More special activities:

Learn to recognise differently matured Culatello during special tastings, as well as how to cut it. You will also learn to distinguish between classic Culatello and Culatello made from black pigs. Meet specialists and microbiologists to discover the environmental factors involved in the maturing of Culatello.

You can produce a Culatello of your own - it will even have your name on it - to be shipped to you or collected once cured!

Learn how to bring out the best in this delicious deli meat and how to cook with it in a food-pairing workshop.

key points

  • Duration of experience

    From 1.5 hours to a whole day.

  • When

    All year round. But certain times of year are particularly recommended , depending on the activities chosen related to food experience.

  • Suggested customised themed gift

    Souvenir plate made by the Confraternita del Culatello association or your own Culatello.

  • No. of participants

    A minimum of one. For an authentic and personal experience, we suggest a maximum of 12-16 people. For larger parties, we recommend more suitable alternative activities.

  • Price

    On request

  • Local expert/guide

    You will be accompanied by a guide (speaking English or other languages) and/or a food and wine expert and will meet all local producers in person.

  • Overnight accommodation

    We will find your perfect overnight stay, be it a certified organic holiday farm or sustainable villa, stately home, charming hotel.

Mix and match this delicious experience with any of our other gourmet activities and create your own unique tour.

Are you a curious traveller, a gourmet expert or a food industry professional?

Tell us your specific interests and requirements, the amount of time you have, the time of year and the number of participants: our tours are customised to suit you.


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