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Parma and Emilia Gourmet Tour

A delicious and exclusive journey in the Italian Food Valley : discover some of the best gourmet food and wine the region has to offer, with a special focus on Parma, the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and Italian Capital of Culture 2020.

Mix and match our special food and wine experiences and create your own unique customised gourmet tour . Nestled in Italy’s Food Valley in the warm and welcoming Emilia Romagna region, Parma boasts the highest number of typical products with protected designations of origin or geographical indications: Parma Ham PDO, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese PDO, Culatello di Zibello PDO, Borgotaro Porcini Mushrooms PGI, Coppa di Parma PGI, Colli di Parma CDO wines and many more.

Enjoy your Parma and Emilia Gourmet Tour and taste the region's world famous gastronomic treasures, visit various local producers and try your hand at a range of activities to discover, learn about andmake the most of ourlocal products: Parma Ham, Culatello di Zibello, Parmigiano Reggiano, Borgotaro Porcini Mushrooms, artisan ice cream, Balsamic Vinegar, fresh hand-made pasta and extra-virgin olive oil, as well as Colli di Parma wines and traditional liqueurs.

Visit Emilia: your palate will thank you!

On this gourmet journey of several days along the Food Valley, tailored to your interests, you will discover, learn about and taste Emilia's wealth of food and wine specialties, enjoy certified bio-organic products by innovative producers and meet the authentic stars of Emilian cuisine, all with the help of expert local guides.   

Discover excellence in various forms - products and producers, intimate trattorias and Michelin starred restaurants, traditional “rezdora” housewives and chefs - each specialist a master in their field, all of them champions of tradition, commitment and quality, and passionate about sharing their knowledge with our guests.

The food and wine of a region tells its story and forms an integral part of its identity. This is why our itineraries often include guided tours of the old town of Parma, Italian Capital of Culture 2020, the cities and medieval villages of Emilia, the castles of the Duchy of Parma and important sites in the life of Verdiand even an opera at Festival Verdi. The same goes for unique experiences such as the exciting test drive at Dallara or Ferrari, or even driving the ultimate electric car, the Tesla, for one or more days or visiting the picturesque Cinque Terre for an exclusive sail-boat tour. 

For more curious travellers seeking a truly immersive taste of Italy, what could be better than a lesson from the world-class chefs at the ALMA  the distinguished International School of Italian Cuisine located in the prestigious historical palace Reggia Ducale, just outside Parma,  on the banks of the River Po, in the heart of Food Valley?  - Roll up your sleeves for a hands-on introduction to the most important local products by participating in one of ALMA’s specially designed food and wine training experiences, from tastings to master classes and advanced courses. 

Thanks to Parma’s ideal location, you can also combine your tour with exclusive gourmet visits to discover other Italian regional delicacies, enjoying activities, tastings and masterclasses on a number of specialties, often taken by seasoned experts or even Michelin-starred chefs.

  • Explore the fish market in Liguria and select your fish of the day.
  • Visit the “Truffle dog university” and hunt and prepare truffles in Piedmont.
  • Prepare and taste Milanese aperitifs and the most iconic Italian cocktails in Milan.
  • Learn about wine from a master sommelier, from the vine to the finished product, at a leading Barolo winery.
  • Discover the world of rice: learn about the production chain and how best to enjoy this staple, with a masterclass on preparing a traditional recipe.
  • Chianina beef: from farms to recipes and cooking techniques.
  • The perfect espresso: experience and prepare this iconic beverage at the Università del Caffè (“University of coffee”).
  • Produce cheese just the way you like it: visit a mountain hut to learn from a master in the art of cheese ripening.
  • Visit the largest producer of caviar in the world, learn about its production chain and how to pair it with traditional-method Franciacorta wine with the help of a master sommelier.
  • Spirits: tastings and pairings, from traditional products made with forest fruits to grappa and bitters distilleries.
  • Taste a variety of teas and learn how to pair them.
  • Other activities tailored to your specific interests.

Because no two journeys are ever the same, every moment must be savoured, making time for the small, wonderful details only experience and expert local knowledge can reveal.

For us, real luxury is found in authentic  experiences that leave you counting down the days until you can return: it’s never “good bye”, but Arrivederci Parma! Arrivederci Italy!

key points

    • No. of participants

      A minimum of one. For an authentic and personal experience, we suggest a maximum of 12-16 people. For larger parties, we recommend more suitable alternative activities.

    • When

      All year round. But certain times of year are particularly recommended , depending on the activities chosen related to food experience.

    • Price

      On request.

    • Overnight accommodation

      We will find your perfect overnight stay, be it a certified organic holiday farm or sustainable villa, stately home, charming hotel.

    • Private transfers

      We offer a luxury electric cars (Tesla), chauffeur-driven car or minibus service, e-bikes and bicycles are available for some experiences on request.

    Mix and match this delicious experience with any of our other gourmet activities and create your own unique tour.

    Are you a curious traveller, a gourmet expert or a food industry professional?

    Tell us your specific interests and requirements, the amount of time you have, the time of year and the number of participants: our tours are customised to suit you.


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