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Hand-Made Fresh Pasta

Learn, cook and enjoy your pasta

Anolini, tortelli, lasagne… With no less than 23 types of hand-made fresh pasta originating here, Emilia is home to the world’s most famous examples of this beloved specialty. Discover its secrets and learn to prepare your perfect pasta dish with the help of an authentic rezdora (traditional housewife, expert in Emilian recipes) or a first-class chef. Making fresh pasta by hand in Emilia Romagna is a treat not to be missed!

On your personalised experience, discover the history and tradition of Emilian pasta through countless authentic creations and delicious cookery classes: learn how to make the most popular fresh pasta shapes from teachers of Emilian cuisine and round off with a delicious lunch to taste the end results!

Alive with history and tradition, pasta is the beloved heart of Emilia Romagna's culinary heritage, at the very centre of Food Valley. Anolini, tortelli, passatelli, tagliatelle… There are at least 23 types of fresh pasta from this region, each expertly combined with authentic, local ingredients to make delicious dishes.

You will be in expert hands: from making and kneading the dough, to the different local techniques for rolling out the pasta and finally cooking traditional sauces and fillings. You will discover so many delicious pasta types in various shapes and textures for every season: in broth or filled and with all kinds of sauces! Indulge your palate with the ultimate Emilian experience: pasta!*

But there’s more... Private cooking classes will also feature other local dishes: work with authentic, quality ingredients and treat yourself to a fully immersive experience in the Emilian culinary universe. Learn how to roll 'sfoglia' (fresh egg pasta) by hand and how to prepare 3 simple different kinds of pasta from scratch with your own teacher. After your lesson, enjoy what you've prepared with local wines and selected beverages. Be fascinated by the history and anecdotes behind every dish, flavour and aroma.

More special activities

Masterclass with Food Valley Products: preparation of a gourmet 5 stars  meal using the best traditional ingredients from the Food Valley with one starred Chef in his own cooking kingdom.

Alma fresh Pasta Experience: live the experience of Italian Cuisine with a special focus on fresh pasta inside Alma hi-tech classrooms, under the guide of Alma cookery teaching  chefs  in the unforgettable location of The Palace of Colorno.

key points

  • Duration of experience

    From three hours to a whole day.

  • When

    All year round. But certain times of year are particularly recommended, depending on the activities chosen related to food experience.

  • Suggested customised themed gift

    Personalised rolling pin and personalized chef apron

  • Teachers

    A Rezdora; a qualified chef ; a cookery teaching chef of Alma.

  • Where

    In the home of a Rezdora; in a chef’s restaurant; at the prestigious Alma, the distinguished International school of Italian Cuisine.

  • No. of participants

    A minimum of one. For an authentic and personal experience, we suggest a maximum of 12-16 people. For larger parties, we recommend more suitable alternative activities.

  • Price

    On request.

  • Local expert/guide

    You will be accompanied by a guide (speaking English or other languages) and/or a food and wine expert and will meet all local producers in person.

  • Overnight accommodation

    We will find your perfect overnight stay, be it a certified organic holiday farm or sustainable villa, stately home, charming hotel.

  • Private transfers

    We offer a luxury electric cars (Tesla), chauffeur-driven car or minibus service, e-bikes and bicycles are available for some experiences on request.

Mix and match this delicious experience with any of our other gourmet activities and create your own unique tour.

Are you a curious traveller, a gourmet expert or a food industry professional?

Tell us your specific interests and requirements, the amount of time you have, the time of year and the number of participants: our tours are customised to suit you.


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